ROST and 247Solar Announce Partnership to Offer Affordable Solar Power for the Mining Industry

London, UK   ROST International Trading, Ltd., and 247Solar Inc., today announced an exclusive agreement for ROST to market 247Solar’s modular, scalable concentrated solar power (CSP) technology to the worldwide mining industry.

247Solar Plant offer guaranteed secure and clean power around the clock in any weather, regardless of whether the sun is shining, and they are ideally suited to mining applications in remote areas and where electricity supply is unreliable. The Plants provide highly reliable, uninterrupted power for mining, processing, and ancillary operations at very low operating costs, while eliminating the disadvantages of conventional power technologies.

247Solar Plants offer mine operators in remote areas the lowest-cost and most reliable power, available 24/7. The 247Solar Thermal Storage Systems stores the sun’s energy as heat instead of electricity, eliminating the need for costly batteries, to ensure 24 availability. To guarantee electricity on demand, the Plants’ turbines can also burn a variety of fuels, enabling power to be supplied around the clock in any weather for a fraction of the price of other renewables.

Bruce Anderson, CEO of 247Solar, said “ROST offers an extensive network of contacts, deep experience and industry expertise we need to present our unique round-the-clock clean power solution to mining operators worldwide.”

Stuart Whitelock of ROST International further added,” The fact that 247Solar have invested their own money in a Commercial Demonstration plant in Morocco adds to the confidence that we have in this technology, which we wholeheartedly believe in.”

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