New Technologies

ROST International Trading Limited is passionate about new technology and how such innovations may affect existing markets or their participants.

ROST welcomes approaches from innovators or designers who need help bringing their ideas to fruition either in the form of direct investment (equity or loans) or by the introduction to suitable partners.

Current Projects Include:

  • A refinery process scaled down to convert simple mini refinery (topping units) to complex oil refineries. This technology when ready will significantly improve the economics of mini refineries by increasing high value products yield. Another potential use is to allow extra heavy crude oil to be treated at the wellhead so that flow properties are improved allowing pumping to receptions facilities by pipeline without heating. In addition the process significantly reduces API, sulphur, metals and total Acid Number.
  • A new form of wind power generation without the requirement of a turbine. We are currently in early stage discussions and subject to negotiations more details will follow.
  • A new Bio-remediation product to treat a variety of contaminants from waste sludge, for the in situ treatment of odours and environmental contaminants. The range of contaminants can include sludge from many treatment processes, as well as Petroleum Hydrocarbons and BTEX pollutants.
  • Emission improving technologies for diesel auto engines to reduce particulates and Nitrous Oxides. Drivers of diesel engined cars in the UK are about to be penalised for allegedly polluting our cities. Technology does exist for reducing particulates and NOx’s but is not widely known. ROST are currently carrying out a research program to investigate the development of retrofit technology for cars and trucks.
  • We are looking into a new plastic to oil technology that converts end of use plastic into Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and other fuels.