Management Consulting & Audits

ROST International Trading Limited is pleased to offer its services as management consultants and auditors. With a long track record of effective management at board level, a high work load work ethic and an ability to get to the nub of the problem quickly, we are able to get to grips with the issues accurately and quickly.

Whilst the ROST partners are all experienced managers we believe that being experienced is not our most important asset. What we offer and believe in is effective management where achieving success is our goal. In other words if we manage a company or a project, our aim is to achieve 100% of the key performance indicators set by our clients.

Neither are we jargon bound. We do not believe like our competitors in writing long reports containing clever language with the latest theories quoted ad nauseam. We are practical mangers used to getting results and talk the language that our clients understand.

Finally, we are honest and straightforward and for example if we do not have the specific knowledge that is required to do a job we will say so and make appropriate recommendations. We will never say we can do something when we can’t and we will always declare conflicting interests should this occur. All our contracts contain appropriate ethics clauses.