ROST International Trading Limited offer insurance solutions through its close contacts with the largest independent and employee owned insurance broker at Lloyds.

Specialist Independent Advice may be obtained across the entire insurance sector including Cargo, Property, Transportation, Financial Risks, Natural resources, Political Risk, Construction, Casualty and many more.

Risk Audits can be carried out by ROST on a project or trade to identify insurable and non-insurable risks together with recommendations as to suitable insurance policies or other devices to be used to mitigate the identified risks.

A cost estimate and cash flow forecast can be produced of the premiums together with a description of the various comparable policy limitations, deductibles, advantages and disadvantages, including implied and express terms.

ROST can make suggestions as to how risk management plans and claims prevention actions may contribute to reducing future insurance premiums.

ROST can offer assistance as to how to take appropriate measures to ensure that insurance claims are paid in full. This includes ensuring the correct drafting of the insurance policies, setting up management procedures and processes within the company and with sub-contractors and carrying out audits to ensure nothing interferes with the process of submitting and obtaining payment from a fully documented claim.