ROST Signs Agreement With ALPS EcoScience To Promote Their Range Of Bio-Organic Catalysts

ROST has entered into an agreement with Alps Ecoscience to assist them to bring their range of Bio Organic Catalysts to market.  ALPS are based in the United Kingdom looking to expand their range of innovative products manufactured by Bio-Organic Catalyst Inc., a Californian manufacturer of a range of products that super charge biological processes.

Suitable applications include;

Agriculture, Animal Care and Aquaculture, Composting and Odour Treatment, Hydrocarbon Remediation, Pulp & Paper processing, Wastewater Treatment, including collection systems & Anaerobic Digestion

By reducing the amount of energy required for biological or chemical reactions to occur, the Bio Catalyst accelerates the reaction times dramatically, as well as solubilising the cellular structure of organic waste, thereby increasing gas transfer rates, and making it easier for naturally occurring bacteria to digest organic substances.  In addition, it seeds the formation of micro-bubbles that disperse oxygen more efficiently throughout the water column making more oxygen available to speed up the aerobic biological processes.  Energy requirements can be reduced by up to 40 %, sludge volumes by 30%, odour dramatically reduced & it eliminates FOG accumulation.

BOC products are non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, bacteria-free and biodegradable. The environmentally friendly features of the products substantially reduce exposure and liability to the environment, and don’t trigger costly OSHA or hazardous material handling requirements.

The ALPS team are very experienced in bio organic technology and have teamed up with ROST to access our world-wide network. ROST has moved quickly and already introduced several clients and is engaging agents to join the ROST team.  If you are interested, please use the Contact Form, giving a brief introduction, and explain how you think you would fit in.

Interim Management In The Middle East

ROST is pleased to have  been engaged by an  oil  supply and logistics company based in the Middle East.   Working in an  interim management capacity,  ROST is assisting the company with day to day operational matters, insurance,  bid preparation , management of an oil  storage facility  and  oversight of the  construction of a new LPG terminal. The contract is expected to continue into the new year.

New Heavy Oil To Fuel Technology Contract

ROST has a contract with a  Heavy Oil to Fuel Technology Company. Applications include  use at  the wellhead to produce a syncrude to  reduce transportation costs by increasing the crude API  so that a diluent is not required. Steam  from the technology can be utilised to reduce production costs. The technology can be used at a refinery to increase yield and reduce the production of heavy fuel oil. Total acid number, Sulphur, metals and asphaltines can be improved.  Other applications such as power stations and bunker fuel blending are under review.

Financial Solutions For Difficult To Finance Projects

ROST has tied up with a boutique Merchant Bank, as well as a Supplier of Trade Finance to be able to offer a range of financial solutions for difficult to finance projects and trades. Standard business loans for strengthening the liquidity of the balance sheet structure can also be arranged. Another route could be the use of asset based lending by monetising dormant assets. In addition we can assist in arranging cash flow lending, with medium to long-term financing.

Insurance Cover For A Range Of Situations

ROST has an agreement with one of Lloyds of London’s largest independent brokers who can supply cover for a range of situations including Cargo, Property, Terrorism, Accident & Health, as well Financial Insurance including Trade Credit, Political Risk, Fraud & Cyber. Commodity Insurance, Transportation including marine and aviation are a speciality. ROST can assist in evaluating what type of insurance is required for a particular situation, how to minimise risk and ensure comprehensive cover.