Project Management

ROST offers effective, experienced and hands on project management capability. We can act as advisors or take direct in house control to ensure timely and effective delivery.

Before the project gets underway, we draft a comprehensive scope of the project, detailing deliverables, timescales, terms of reference, reporting lines and who the project sponsor is, usually a Board Director or CEO. This enables us to have the buy-in from all key stakeholders, understand their interests and expectations, key performance indicators and awareness of how they will determine the success of the project.

In addition we review and assess all relevant company regulations, processes and procedures versus any contractual obligations that have been or may be entered into, taking into account local government, government and international regulations. A report is then issued outlining any discrepancies and how they may be dealt with. Where suitable company polices do not exist but are required (under a tender obligation for example), we are ready to draft them.

Proper planning, realistic timetabling and effective monitoring, whilst being able to adapt and change programs before issues become a problem is at the heart of our approach. Assigning clear agreed targets for achievement, and clear lines of responsibility ensure the program stays on track and on budget. Reporting, monitoring, mentoring and ownership of issues to allow effective decision making are all part of our approach.

Cost estimating is an area where projects often break down. Often cost estimates are supplied by sub-contractors or third parties with little or no comeback should the data they supply be inaccurate. We take great care to ensure such data is accurate not only by putting such work out to tender but by cross referencing the data with different ways of assessing it. By using industry standard calculating methods and by researching similar projects we can assess if the data supplied by the sub-contractor is indeed reasonably accurate. Finally we always advise that it is imperative to have people on the ground in such circumstances who can advise on the local situation with a high degree of certainty.

Whilst project management techniques and project planning tools are useful, where risks of problems and failures exist there is no substitute for experience and being able to see ahead, and find alternative solutions in a timely manner. ROST is pleased to offer their experience in such circumstances.