We believe that increased Renewable Energy use and less reliance on fossil fuels is vital for a modern economy in the fight against climate change. We are particularly interested in technologies that improve human health and wellbeing especially if they simultaneously assist in conserving the world’s resources.

We evaluate all potential projects considering their potential contribution to these factors in addition to their commercial potential. We welcome approaches from innovators or designers who need help bringing their ideas to fruition either in the form of direct investment (equity or loans) or by the introduction to suitable partners or potential customers.

We are currently working with Alps EcoScience to develop the market for Bio-Organic Catalysts that have many environmental benefits including increased biogas yields in Anaerobic Digestion systems, nullification of noxious odours in waste streams and usage in organic pollution control amongst many other benefits.

We are promoting a new Concentrated Solar Power system designed to generate renewable electricity from the sun in remote areas. Bringing dispatchable clean power available 24/7 to remote areas benefiting both industry and local people is exactly the sort of project we like to be involved in, and we are proud to be associated with this project.

Whilst not a Renewable Energy, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) has the capability to greatly improve human health in certain developing countries. By burning LPG instead of wood or charcoal, child mortality rates can be substantially improved and at the same time deforestation reduced or even reversed. We are excited to be working with a Project Developer on the construction of an Importation terminal to dramatically improve access to LPG for the local population and surrounding countries. More information will follow shortly.

ROST International is a member of the Renewable Energy Association and the Anaerobic Digestion Association.