Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Whether moving into a new market, purchasing an asset or becoming affected by new legislation, ROST can help identify the various risks involved and suggest ways of mitigating them.

Identifying risks that may not be apparent upon first examination requires a forensic investigation of the full facts of the new (or existing) enterprise. We recommend reviewing all the contracts related to the enterprise and analysing the various clauses in detail to find out how the contracts interact with each other to identify any discrepancies.

Sometimes financial exposure may not be immediately apparent as it is hidden; for example in the general terms and conditions of a counterparty or partner or in the local regulations. Sometimes regulations change and are overlooked.

Often companies believe their insurance policies cover the risks but we sometimes find upon investigation that this is incorrect and that the implied clauses in the insurance policies have been overlooked.

It is important to distinguish between insurable and non-insurable risks and the limitations of any insurance that may be taken out. Through our partners we have access to first class insurance advice and can tailor make insurance policies to vary the level of insurable risk versus the premium quantum.