How We Source Assets

ROST International Trading Limited offers clients and partners their project management expertise through the planning, investment, construction and operational phases. Projects handled so far include mini refineries, oil terminals, blending facilities, oil and gas production sharing agreements and gas distribution and long distance supply chain planning and operation. Our criteria for sourcing suitable assets for our investment partners are:

  • Under achieving assets that would benefit from new management and investment or the introduction of new technology.
  • So called “Blocking assets” where ownership could produce exclusivity and dominance of a particular market
  • New growth opportunities produced by regulatory change and new technologies
  • Under-exploited and highly fragmented companies business sectors
  • Attractive valuations despite strong macro/long-term fundamentals
  • Industry insiders with global network of relationships with potential sellers and buyers
  • Longstanding relationships with high-quality management teams
  • Distinctive combination of investment and industry professionals with highly successful track records
  • Partnering approach providing expertise and access to proprietary transactions